Saturday, October 24, 2015

Burn it... burn it all. Actually, maybe save that stuff over there first.

Wow, this page still exists? I realized while attempting to build my first Tumblr page that I hadn't been back to this Blogger page in a long time. I considered maybe using it instead when I saw I could still access it... but I've decided to move away from animation because nothing was moving in those areas, especially after experiencing some personal life and career setbacks. I just realized when I came back and saw the old posts that I was wasting my time with the things I saw here. I still liked the things I liked, and generating content based on those things was still what I wanted to do, but the execution needed modification. Since I couldn't produce visual content at the level I really wanted to (and trust me I watched the rise in popularity of SFM and porn gifs and I suck at doing it) I started considering other methods of telling stories. Games take a LOONG time to create by yourself if you don't know the engines well, and I could never get a team together so it was about the same level of frustration as I was experiencing with animation. Comics and graphic novels have a grater reach now digitally than they ever have, but my hand drawn art hasn't been consistent enough to faithfully think I can build a reliable audience beyond a few loyal people interested in some of the same artistic subjects as my tastes which is why I preferred the relative speed and consistency of CG animation. Then a friend mentioned his attempts to write just bare text. Novels! The purest form of story telling

Needless to say I'm planning to see just how far I can take my ability to write. As an artist/designer you try to paint a picture of a scene with enough detail to entertain the viewer, in writing you paint with text, and if I can do that maybe I can find an audience more readily than I could with my animation attempts. My plan is to post some fictional story excerpts there ( to see how it goes over, and I guess... maybe cross post here as well, since it looks like this page actually still sees some traffic from time to time, then I'll see if any full stories will sell via some of the digital platforms that people are fond of.